Showrunner Explains How Marvel’s Jessica Jones Deals with Rape!

Marvel’s Jessica Jones, according to a good number of initial reviews, is the best television series Marvel has ever made. If you have watched the whole Netflix series or the first few episodes, you would have understood by now that rape and trauma experiences from past constitute an integral part of Jessica Jones’ themes.

Melissa Rosenberg, the showrunner of the recently launched series, has talked to The Hollywood Reporter on how it handles that aspect of the story. Claiming that they were very conscious to treat rape and trauma with ‘sensitivity and responsibility’ she criticized contemporary television shows and films for using it on demonstrating its impact on the men around the victim. Rosenberg explained:

It's like, "Oh his wife was raped and murdered so he's going to go out and destroy the world." That's so often what it's about, just this kind of de rigueur storytelling to spice up often male character.

She added that dealing in that particular way with the sensitive topic is ‘hideous messaging’ and in Jessica Jones, they have dealt with it as its impact on the victim and about ‘healing, survival, trauma and facing demons’.

Jessica Jones - first official still She lives it out in her daily life!

The showrunner went on to say that she didn’t want to make rape into the specific topic of discussion because it was what Krysten Ritter’s titular character lives ‘out in her daily life’. She added:

We didn't want to tackle it as an "issue." Nobody wants to be preached to and I have no interest in doing any preaching, so it was really just informing her character, why she makes the choices that she makes.

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