Sexism in Superhero Movies, with Margot Robbie and David Ayer

It's been said plenty of times that the superhero movies tend to be a bit sexist – leaving aside the fact that there are fewer superheroines than superheroes in the movies, the depictions of the ones who do exist are extremely sexy and objectified. In other words, their bodies are their greatest assets, as opposed to their minds, skills, and so on.

As if Thor would be the God of Thunder without his big, muscular arms.

Nonetheless, the most recent superhero flick to be accused of being sexist is not a superhero movie at all – since we're talking about Suicide Squad. And the character in question is - who else, Harley Quinn - boy, do we love Margot Robbie.

Put on a burqa, Harley! (IGN) Put on a burqa, Harley! (IGN)

So is this portrayal sexist or not? Mind you, we’re talking about the character in the movie and not about the character in the comics. Talking about her character, Margot Robbie said that it shouldn’t be considered sexist, simply because the character herself likes wearing those kinds of clothes. Having guys checking her ass is just an aftereffect – what should she do, not wear them?

She explains that her character is “wearing hot pants because they’re sparkly and fun" and shouldn’t be confused with wanting “guys to look at her ass." And that makes a lot of sense to us.

As far as David Ayer is concerned, the director said that this is who Harley is – wearing hot pants is part of her iconography. And he is right – Harley has always been good-looking, except maybe in that Gods and Monsters short featuring Batman (Twisted, which is, nonetheless, a must).

So, in a way, this doesn’t seem to be news at all, especially when considering that every superhero flick must feature a male superhero without a shirt (yes, even Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man). So why do people talk about this non issue?

Poor Paul Rudd... He had too look sexy... THEY EXPLOITED HIM!!! (Just Jared) Poor Paul Rudd... He had to look sexy...THEY EXPLOITED HIM!!! (Just Jared)

We have no idea. And we have no problem at all with a woman wanting to look good for herself and to wear clothes that reflect her personality.