Scarlet Witch: Discussing Her Potential Allegiance In Civil War

The teams for Captain America: Civil War have all but been revealed.

Concept art for the movie shows that Captain America will be joined by Hawkeye, Ant-Man, Sharon Carter, Falcon and Winter Soldier, while Iron Man will be joined by War Machine, Black Widow, Black Panther and Vision (on the face of it, those teams heavily favour Iron Man in terms of power, in spite of Captain America's team being bigger in number - but that's a topic for another article).

This leaves three heroes that we believe will be in the movie without a confirmed allegiance; Hulk, Spider-Man and Scarlet Witch.

Hulk, we can assume, will go with his friend Iron Man (if indeed he chooses a side at all or is in the movie for long enough to do so), Spider-Man isn't expected to swing into action in Civil War and will only cameo briefly, and that leaves Scarlet Witch (she has been seen in set photos fighting alongside Captain America against Crossbones, but we can presume that is before the Civil War actually kicks off and means nothing as far as the teams are concerned).

In this article, we'll discuss the pros and cons of her potential allegiances with Captain America, Iron Man and as a neutral onlooker.

Captain America: Pros

Captain America Captain America

The major pro for Scarlet Witch joining up with Captain America's team in Captain America: Civil War is that she has had some personal beef with Tony Stark - but she's never had any beef with Steve Rogers.

Moreover, Rogers is undoubtedly the best leader of the two (and the "better" man in terms of his morals) and, as such, his influence over a youngster like Wanda Maximoff could be enough to get her on his side.

The fact remains, however, that a shell created by Stark Industries killed her parents and Wanda was looking for revenge against Tony Stark until she appeared to accept that it wasn't entirely his fault.

That being said, there will surely be an underlying resentment towards the genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist and joining Captain America's plight maybe be seen by her as an opportunity for revenge.