December 05, 2014
Ryan Reynolds Back As Deadpool!

It was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine where Ryan Reynolds was offered to the fans as Deadpool. Reynolds proved to be the best choice Fox could have made for the role, but the studio was accused of presenting the character in an unappealing fashion. Three months ago, the studio announced that the superhero with instantaneous curative gift will have a movie of his own as a part of X-Men universe. Ryan Reynolds is surely signing a contract to reprise the role of Deadpool, that’s what a tweet along with an image and from the actor and studio sources strongly signify!

Reynolds’ Provoking Tweet & Image!


In social media website Twitter, Reynolds has posted an image with a tiny sentence that provokes you to think that an official announcement is soon to arrive. The image is of a sort of craft with bullet shells placed in such a way that appears as the mask of the comic book superhero that had been created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza. If you believe it isn’t strong enough evidence to think that way, you must read this text accompanied by the image “Uh… It’s Chimichanga Time.” This term ‘Chimichanga’ refers to the favorite food of Deadpool. Isn’t it strong enough evidence now?

Confirmation From Studio Sources!

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According to ‘The Hollywood Reporter’, sources from Fox studio have confirmed that Ryan Reynolds is going to return as Deadpool. Previously, co-creator of the comic book super hero Rob Leifeld made a strong statement “Ryan is Deadpool”. Shooting of Deadpool is scheduled to start in March 2015 and the movie hits the theaters on 12 February, 2016. It’s going to be a pretty big challenge for Ryan as his last superhero appearances as Hal Jordan of 2011 DC-Warner Bros venture Green Lantern wasn’t impressive and the movie’s collections could surpass its budget by only about 20 million USD.