Actors Who Could Portray Deathstroke

Ben Affleck dropped a major bomb – Deathstroke will cameo in the first Justice League movie and will be a major villain in The Batman. And this will mark a first for the character. Previously, he was rumored to appear in Suicide Squad. That turned out to be false. But now, unless Affleck is playing a huge prank on the fans, things are pretty certain.

Will he have just a cameo in the Justice League movie? Will he be one of the antagonists? Will his moral code compel him to help the superheroes? I don’t know. But, boy, I cannot wait to see Deathstroke the Terminator on the silver screen.

So who could portray him? Here are the actors I believe to be the best for this role!

Joel Edgerton

Joel Edgerton in Midnight Special (EW) Joel Edgerton in Midnight Special (EW)

This might seem as an odd choice, especially since Joel Edgerton isn’t known for having played in too many action movies. But, as far as I'm concerned, this is what actually recommends him for the role of Deathstroke. He is one great actor, and, if the Terminator will keep his mask on, he’ll have to convey all of his emotions through his eyes.

And you cannot deny the fact that Joel Edgerton is a talented actor.

Furthermore, if you saw him in Warrior, you do know that he can do action movies. By far, even opposite Tom Hardy, he still shone. And his action sequences were truly breathtaking. The only problem is that he seems to be very busy.

However, just for a cameo, I guess he can find the time.

Scott Eastwood

Scott Eastwood in Suicide Squad (Comic Book) Scott Eastwood in Suicide Squad (Comic Book)

He has the lowest of all low chances. However, Scott Eastwood could be brought back to portray the mercenary. We already know that he has the skills as a soldier, even if he didn’t actually display them in Suicide Squad. But I found it peculiar that nobody mentioned his death. So maybe he didn’t die. Maybe he was severely wounded, but still alive and retrieved by the army.

It isn’t too hard to imagine that Amanda Waller would come up with a super-soldier program and that GQ, as we previously knew him, would become Deathstroke. This, to a certain degree, would also explain his presence in the Justice League movie. Maybe it is then when he turns bad? Who knows?

As said, there are very few chances for Scott Eastwood to portray the mercenary. However, few is more than none. And I can bet that he can make a good impression as this character.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves in John Wick (Collider) Keanu Reeves in John Wick (Collider)

If you want to see a morally bankrupt mercenary, then look no further than Keanu Reeves. While he's best known for his role as Neo in the Matrix trilogy, the actor made quite an impression in John Wick (for the sequel, he packed on a couple of extra pounds, so he is fit for the role). If you add to that his take on Constantine, then you also believe that he has what it takes.

Of course, he isn’t that much of an actor. However, he does give his all when it's required (I guess you also saw him training for the first John Wick). So I don’t doubt him when it comes to action movies. He wouldn’t even be required to be very expressive, especially if he keeps his Deathstroke mask on.

Many would doubt this casting choice if it were made. I wouldn’t. Keanu Reeves would kick all sorts of butt as Deathstroke.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy in Bronson (Telegraph) Tom Hardy in Bronson (Telegraph)

Everybody knows that Tom Hardy wanted to return to the DC comic book movies. Unfortunately for him (or fortunately, depending on how you see it), he was unable to become Rick Flag in this year’s Suicide Squad. So maybe this will be his chance to return.

After all, he already played a DC villain with his face almost entirely covered. And, as far as I'm concerned, he owned the role of Bane. I can bet that he would do the same if he were cast as Deathstroke.

Tom Hardy is now one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood. And for good reason – besides proving to be one of the best action heroes, he is also one of the most talented of his generation. Yeah, he's a bit short for this role, and much shorter than Ben Affleck. But that doesn’t really matter, does it? With the right camera angles and the usual movie magic, Tom Hardy can tower over his costars!

Jason Clarke

Jason Clarke in Zero Dark Thirty (CinemaBlend) Jason Clarke in Zero Dark Thirty (Cinema Blend)

Jason Clarke, like Joel Edgerton, wouldn’t be the first actor you’d think about for the role of Deathstroke. However, like Edgerton, Jason Clarke is an awesome actor. And he's about the same height as the Terminator. So why not? He has the acting chops.

And if we are talking movie action, there is nothing easier than that. The best example to be given is Star Lord himself – with Chris Pratt becoming the hottest actor after getting in shape. Clarke could do the same.

Sure, he starred in the failed reboot of the Terminator franchise. And he was a Terminator there. So what if he becomes better than that and he takes on the role of Deathstroke? His massive talent could make the difference. And, just like with Edgerton, he could convey the character's emotions with his eyes.

How menacing can he be? Look no further than Zero Dark Thirty.

Max Martini

Max Martini in Pacific Rim (FanPop) Max Martini in Pacific Rim (FanPop)

You know Max Martini best from his Pacific Rim role, as the savvy soldier who seems to have seen it all. Does that sound a bit like Deathstroke to you, too? Just put a mask on his face and Max Martini’s eyes would do the job.

Ever since he starred in the TV series The Unit, this actor is on the shortlist for all roles involving this type of character: the weary combatant who doesn’t have the time for anybody else’s problems. And, since then, his acting skills have improved. So why not?

Max Martini has had a full slate in the intervening years. However, besides the Pacific Rim sequel, nothing is worthy of being mentioned (maybe Spectral, in which he’ll play a soldier fighting supernatural threats). So he would surely make himself available for big movies such as the ones in the DCEU.

For once on this list, an actor actually fits the full profile of Deathstroke!

Eric Dane

Eric Dane (EW) Eric Dane (EW)

We’re getting closer now, aren’t we? If Max Martini has had more roles in big budget movies, Eric Dane has much more charisma. Maybe this is why he has taken on far more likeable roles until now. So he would certainly be an interesting choice for this role.

He is no stranger to comic book movies either, since he had a (rather small) part in X-Men: The Last Stand. And, just like many actors from that movie, he certainly wants to make up for that role. A small cameo in Justice League would prove that he is the right man for the role.

And it would be a change of pace for him and his fans – with his looks, his Deathstroke would be the perfect counterpart for Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne. While the latter tries to save the world, Eric Dane’s Deathstroke would try to make the best of how it is right now. Which wouldn’t be surprising for him at all.

Liev Schreiber

Liev Schreiber in X-Men Origins (Comic Book) Liev Schreiber in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (Comic Book)

Liev Schreiber is yet another actor who has appeared in Fox’s Mutant Universe. And, pretty much like Eric Dane, he appeared in one of the worst mutant movies to date (if not the worst). However, as bad as X-Men Origins: Wolverine might have been, he completely owned the role of Sabretooth.

And he is a great actor – his four Golden Globe nominations for the TV series Ray Donovan are a testament to that, as are his three Primetime Emmy nominations. So he most definitely has the acting chops to costar with the rest of the actors of the DCEU.

And he has something else – he oozes confidence. So imagine a Deathstroke portrayed by him, cool and tougher than anybody, who sees no threat in Batman and company. He isn’t such a big a star, but he can certainly make a great impression.

After all, the villain Sabretooth was the highlight of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman (The Guardian) Ron Perlman (The Guardian)

Ron Perlman was awesome as Hellboy. And his voice was even more awesome in the Teen Titans series, where he actually became Deathstroke. So he would be an obvious choice, especially since he does look like a grizzled Slade Wilson, who can be very nasty and who has no time for playing games.

Of course, he is a bit old. Actually, he may be too old – but this is the only drawback. With the movie magic nowadays, he could hold his own against the entire Justice League if needed. So this needs to happen. Among the many actors listed until now, I would be the happiest if Ron Perlman got this role.

Plus, a Deathstroke role would make up for the lack of Hellboy 3. We all know how much Perlman fought for this movie to be made, only to be refused because the franchise didn’t made Marvel-level money. Shame, shame, shame.

Stephen Lang

Stephen Lang in Don't Breathe (Screen Rant) Stephen Lang in Don't Breathe (Screen Rant)

Just like Ron Perlman, Stephen Lang is a bit too old for such a role. Or, at least, this is what the powers that be may think. However, unlike Perlman, Lang doesn’t lack the physicality for such a role. Or, at least, he doesn’t show it. Just put a patch on his face and you have Deathstroke.

Actually, we already saw him with his face scarred, on at least two occasions. One time was in Avatar, and the most recent was in the critically acclaimed Don’t Breathe. And if he doesn’t look like Deathstroke…(you know, there is also one other option for him to appear in a superhero flick, although not in the DCEU).

He may not be as agile as the much younger stars of the DCEU. But he most certainly makes up for this with his menacing stature and looks. And I can bet that even Ben Affleck’s towering Batman would be intimidated by him.

Warner Bros. needs to make this happen, before some other studio steals him.

Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello in Sabotage (She Knows) Joe Manganiello in Sabotage (She Knows)

Joe Manganiello is a beast of a man. He has the right stature for the role, he already has the muscles (as the ladies saw in the Magic Mike movies), and he can certainly do action. If many (if not all) of the actors on this list would need some CGI enhancements and some stunt performers for this role, Joe Manganiello could just show up on the set, put on an eye-patch, and start working.

Come on – you expected to see him on this list. His name has been thrown into the mix ever since the Suicide Squad casting began. It didn’t happen then, but maybe it will now.

Of course, he already said on Twitter that he was never supposed to portray Deathstroke in Suicide Squad. But maybe that was a hint – and, as we all saw, he wasn’t in that movie. Right? After all, it wouldn’t be the first time an actor has tried unconvincingly to debunk rumors. Jason Momoa anyone?

While I did say that Ron Perlman’s casting as Deathstroke would make my day, there is no one better than Joe Manganiello for this role.

What do you think? What other actors should be taken into consideration for this role?