RDJ, Rudd & Renner Arrive On Civil War Set!

UPDATE: Captain America: Civil War filming of Crossbones' part has been completed, confirms the cast Frank Grillo via his social media post. You can check it out at the end part of this post.

DC’s Suicide Squad & Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War are two 2016 superhero movies that are carrying out filming at the moment, but that’s not the only similarity between them. Like Suicide Squad, Civil War has also been giving away too much from their set! We already received a load of photos and videos from the set, and now we have a new bunch!

These recent leaks confirm the arrival of Robert Downey Jr. and Paul Rudd on the Civil War set. However, we don’t see them as Tony Stark and Scott Lang at this moment, just a casual presence on the set is what we see. Meanwhile, Jeremy Renner has shared a photo via social media confirming his arrival on the set.

Check out a photo of each of RDJ and Rudd (via ComicBookMovie), and Renner’s social media post before moving to the next segment.

RDJ on the set RDJ on the set

Paul Rudd on the set Paul Rudd on the set

Renner Reveals Official CIVIL WAR Logo?

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