Ranking The 10 Worst Avengers

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8. The Sentry

If Moon Knight was a mentally unstable Batman, The Sentry is a mentally unstable Superman. With all the horrors and insanity that implies. The Sentry, alias Bob Renolds, was… I don’t even know, it’s confusing.

Imagine if Superman had multiple personality disorder and that his split personality was, like, a gangster-demon. There, now you’ve got The Sentry and his dark side, The Void. The Sentry was made an Avenger after he was discovered being crazy in a prison, which is just the best way to find new teammates. He served on a couple incarnations of the team, including the New, Mighty, and Dark Avengers teams.

He eventually went coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs for realsies and turned into a psychopathic supervillain, tearing Ares in half.  Oh, and it turned out that, before becoming a superhero, he was a remorseless drug addict. Then Thor beat him to death and dropped his body into the sun. The Sentry was so hated as an Avenger, that a website, www.killthesentry.com was created (mostly jokingly) to plead for his death. The website has since been taken down, but then, The Sentry’s dead, so I guess that makes sense.