Ranking The 10 Worst Avengers


9. Ares

I’m sure you immediately see the problem here. Ares. God of War. Guy literally in charge of murder and warfare. On the Avengers. Did no one think this through? Apparently Tony Stark didn’t when he offered Ares a spot on his Mighty Avengers team post-Civil War.

And to be fair, Ares helped the team with their fights a great deal, even if he did do it with a gigantic axe and sword that he used to cleave opponents in twain. Oh, and once the Mighty Avengers disbanded, Ares was more than happy to stay on… with Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers. Yeah, the “Green Goblin” Norman Osborn.

Ares didn’t seem to care one way or another which side he was working with, even when he found himself on a team alongside Venom and Bullseye. Ares continued to work against the side of good until he messed up big time and got ripped in half by The Sentry. “Who’s the Sentry,” you ask? Well...