Preacher is Going Places – The Saint of Killers Follows

Anybody still following AMC’s Preacher series? Well, if you aren’t, it's totally understandable. Until now, the show seemed more like a prequel to the comic books rather than an adaptation of the source material. As far as we are concerned, this is great, since now we have a backstory for all of the characters (and, by far, Quincannon is the most interesting of them all). Preacher boasts great lines, great performances, and (as implied) great storytelling.

But something has still been missing, until now – the actual Preacher story from the comic books.

At the AMC panel at the San Diego Comic Con, the show received a new trailer. And this should make the fans of the comics happy. And that is because Jesse Custer, Tulip, and Cassidy are finally on their way to find God.

This sounds so weird and so good at the same time. I guess we can agree that God won’t come to Texas, as Jesse wants, so the trio will have to go searching for him.

This isn’t all, since the angels have a backup plan for dealing with Genesis. So they head south – deep south. How far? Straight into hell, to ask the Saint of Killers for help. The character has already been teased in the show. However, his backstory hasn’t ended just yet – and this new Preacher trailer hints at what is about to happen.

Check it out below!


Of course, Arseface is also featured in the trailer – after all, he had one of the best lines from the entire show (the hell is not that far line). Will he manage to actually escape hell? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Odin Quincannon (AMC) Odin Quincannon (AMC)

The upcoming episodes of Preacher’s season one promise to become more and more interesting!

God is coming and bikini wax - seems legit (Preacher) God is coming and bikini wax - seems legit. (Preacher)