Preacher – First Five Minutes Released Online

Open your ass and holes to Jesus – well, it does sound like Seth Rogen developed Preacher, doesn’t it? I mean, this is the kind of humor you’d expect from him, right?

Except that Preacher doesn’t look at all like any movie from Rogen’s filmography. And I say that after seeing the first five (or thereabouts) minutes of the pilot, released by AMC before the debut of the first episode this Sunday. Just these few minutes alone can convince you that Preacher is unlike any other comic book TV series airing right now (yes, unlike the Netflix series, as well).

So check out the small preview below! As the marketing campaign says, this will be your favorite comic book show!

Preacher (Wired) Preacher (Wired)

Of course, as with any adaptation, some liberties will be taken. But the thing is that I believe this will work well for Preacher. First time I heard that Rogen would be the series' developer the series, I said, meh. Then the first trailer dropped (you can watch it below), and I changed my tune. Then the first pics appeared, and then, there was this – the biggest WTF moment, with the Genesis, with the African reverend, with Custer, and even with that whole open your ass and holes to Jesus thingy.

Is Preacher heading in the right direction? I believe it is – despite certain liberties being taken, as mentioned before. We already see the level of violence and comedy and whatnot the series will have. And, right now, all I can think about is that one week between episodes is too long for me to wait.

One more thing: AMC is home of The Walking Dead, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad.

For me, until Luke Cage drops on the 30th of September, Preacher is the most anticipated TV series of this year.

Jesse Custer (Den of Geek) Jesse Custer (Den of Geek)