Patty Jenkins Will Return for Wonder Woman Sequel

Estimated to make around $95 million in the US and $175 million globally in its opening weekend, Wonder Woman is most certainly a financial success – especially if we consider the relatively small budget it received ($140 million). Furthermore, the critics adore it, being one of the best reviewed comic book movies of all times (on Rotten Tomatoes, Wonder Woman has the same rating as Iron Man and The Dark Knight).

And we should have seen these results coming before the debut of the movie, when the first Twitter reactions were released and when the rumor that a sequel has been greenlight appeared.

With these results, Warner Bros had to announce a sequel. And it did.

Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman Film)

However, even if director Patty Jenkins said that she already knows what the sequel should be about, producer Charles Roven said that the plans for the next Wonder Woman movie haven’t been outlines. In this way, it hasn’t been established just yet where the sequel will take Diana Prince next: “Nothing has been written. We really want to focus on this movie, and I think the result of this movie is going to really define what the future of Wonder Woman is in the movies, other than the fact that you know that she’s in Justice League.” (Cinema Blend)

But at least we do know one thing: director Patty Jenkins will return! After all, she did beat Sam Taylor-Johnson’s Fifty Shades of Grey opening weekend, setting a new record for female directors.

While previous rumors said that the Wonder Woman movies will explore different periods from the history, Screen Rant now reports (via The Hollywood Reporter) that the sequel will take place in our times. And this makes sense – after all, her involvement in the War to End all Wars shaped her into the fighter we already seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The director didn’t give any details about the sequel – however, she once again said that she will do her best to give the viewers the best version of the superheroine: “What I never want to do is start phoning it in and making things just to show that I can keep my foot in the door and do big movies. I don’t care about that at all. I just want to make great movies. And that could come from any direction. It might be a $10 million movie or it might be $200 million movie.

Wonder Woman (Den of Geek)

It remains to be seen when this sequel will happen, with the rumors saying that it will be released after Batgirl (so 2019 – 2020). With the response this first movie had, we can expect for the studio to fast-track the second installment. After all, the initial 2014 movie slate has changed quite a few times until now.