Nick Frost or Josh Gad as the DCEU’s Penguin?

Josh Gad expressed an interest in playing The Penguin almost from the moment Warner Bros. announced that Matt Reeves had signed on to direct The Batman. But there are additional actors out there who've also made it known that they'd like to take on the role of the famous Batman villain.

According to Variety’s Justin Kroll, fans will see Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin, on the big screen sooner than they may have expected. The correspondent added that the character could show up in either The Batman or the upcoming Birds of Prey.

The Penguin (DC Comics)

Kroll tweeted that according to his sources, Warner Bros. intends to include the villain in a film ASAP. If that's accurate, we can assume that Cobblepot will be The Batman's main antagonist, although earlier outlines for the reboot cited Deathstroke as the film's villain.

The script for The Batman is close to completion, but even if Cobblepot has been added as the main villain, things could still change. Kroll noted that if that happens, The Penguin might still show up as a villain in Birds of Prey, which is scheduled to begin filming in 2019.

Nick Frost in Paul (IMDB)

But where does Nick Frost fit in? Fans have been asking since Kroll's report turned up online whether the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy star would be interested in appearing. Frost's response:



Should Josh Gad or Nick Frost be cast as The DCEU's Penguin? What do you think?