New Wonder Woman Still Shows Gal Gadot Ready for Battle

A new Wonder Woman still featuring star Gal Gadot marching into battle as the Amazon warrior has appeared over at Empire.

The new image is accompanied by some comments on the film and its leading lady from director Patty Jenkins:

everything Diana is. Good, kind, strong, admirable, funny, fun, beautiful, and innocent, yet wise. She emanates the message of this movie because it comes so naturally to her.

The solo feature will take place during World War I, and Jenkins discussed the message she wants to send with the film:

My approach was to focus on telling the story of mechanized war and how that would look to a god visiting our world for the first time. I wanted the audience to understand the horrors that a war of this scale makes possible, and how shocking that would be to someone who comes with a strong sense of honor and justice. She doesn’t realize yet just how senselessly dark the world can be.

You can check out the new image here:

Source: Empire Source: Empire

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2, 2017.