New Theory: DCEU’s Joker is Tim Drake

Suicide Squad came out a year ago, and critics and moviegoers thoroughly bashed it, but DC Comics fans continue to show a good deal of interest. While the movie's events were fairly clear, some things simply didn’t add up, especially when trying to find a place for Suicide Squad within the bigger DC Extended Universe.

The Joker, who was teased as having a big role, was actually among Suicide Squad's biggest disappointments. As it turned out, the character was so unnecessary that the movie could have been made without him. In response, The Film Theorists theorize that it wasn’t even the real Joker.

Tim Drake's Joker, Jr. (Batman Animated Universe Wikia)

Of course, a similar theory saying that Jared Leto was actually playing Jason Todd (who had been confirmed dead in the DCEU) had been put forth and debunked. However, The Film Theorists now postulate that Suicide Squad's Joker is Tim Drake, the third Robin after Jason Todd.

In Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Batman's nemesis kidnaps and tortures Tim Drake. He kills the Joker, but isn’t allowed to return as Robin after he recovers, so he moves on to lead a normal life (with some twists, of course).

According to The Film Theorists, Joker’s arm tattoos and memory loss would be explained if this version of the character were actually Tim Drake. Furthermore, Dick Grayson took on Nightwing's mantle, and Jason Todd died, so it would have made sense to have Bruce Wayne seek out another Robin.

Jason Todd's suit (Geek Tyrant)

In regard to the larger DC Extended Universe, it would also make sense for Bruce to ask himself how many good guys were left alive (since Jason Todd died) and how many of them actually stayed good (since Tim Drake became Joker).

The theory could also explain why Batman decided to rescue Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, and not continue pursuing the Joker (he already knew Harley was with a Joker impersonator).

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What do you think? Should we expect a similar twist in the upcoming Batman reboot?

Nightwing (Wikipedia)