New LEGO Batman Movie Image Features a Unique Costume

In a new still from The LEGO Batman Movie, the Dark Knight is wearing a rather non-traditional costume—a gold tuxedo. Warner Bros. released the new image yesterday, and it first appeared over at Entertainment Weekly.

Source: Entertainment Weekly Source: Entertainment Weekly

Director Chris McKay explained the context of the new still to EW:

In all the Batman movies, there’s always a big gala, but one of the things Batman doesn’t like doing is going out and seeing people and carousing as Bruce Wayne. He thinks Bruce Wayne is a bummer. He’d much rather be doing Batmanny things. But fortunately Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) entices him to come out of the Batcave by telling him, "Look, if you go out tonight to this gala, you can have a tuxedo dress-up party." So in this shot, this is one of the many tuxedos that Batman tries in a sort of dress-up party montage like Sex and the City.

We're certainly looking forward to that montage.

The LEGO Batman Movie hits theaters February 10, 2017.