New Deadpool Movie Clip - Mismatched Romanticism!

Just 18 days to go before Deadpool movie finally hits the theaters! The first standalone movie of Marvel’s Most Unconventional Anti-hero is surely an unconventional superhero movie with an unconventional promotional scheme! And 20th Century Fox has launched a new clip from the February 12 release which is conventional neither!

In this new Deadpool movie clip, we see Ryan ReynoldsWade Wilson getting romantic to Morena Baccarin’s Vanessa. And he does that in a very eccentric way. “Your crazy fits my crazy” – that’s not a typical thing to say before proposing someone with a ring! Yes, he does propose her in this clip with a ring!

Meanwhile, Vanessa also gets close to Wade but ends up asking a very different ‘romantic’ question – a bit raunchy! Check out the latest Deadpool movie clip filled with purely mismatched romanticism below!

New French Poster for Deadpool Movie Launched!

China might have banned Deadpool movie, but there are a number of international territories where the movie will be screened. That is why we have found Ryan Reynolds busy in promoting the movie to fans from different territories like Australia and Russia with incredible promotional pieces.

Most recently, the lead actor has shared a new poster for the fans of the Merc in France via his official Twitter account. The poster features the Merc with a Mouth showing you a heart. And it also asks you in French to ‘MAKE LOVE’! The actor used the hashtag ‘#DeadpoolDoesParis’ as the caption for this tweet. Here’s the poster for you!

French poster for Deadpool movie! French poster for Deadpool movie!

Wade Reads a Magazine with Reynolds’ as Sexiest Man Alive on Cover!

Back in 2010, Reynolds was named the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by People Magazine. And now he’s playing Wade who, according to T.J. Miller’s Weasel, looks like ‘an avocado had sex with an older avocado’! In a latest promotional photo for Deadpool movie, we get to see Wade reading that particular magazine issue! Check it out below (via Comic Book)!

Wade Wilson reading the particular People Magazine issue! Wade Wilson reading the particular People Magazine issue!

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