New Batman v Superman Footage - Superman's Trial!

It’s the first Monday of March, 2016, and when the last Monday of this month comes, you would have watched Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – but only if you’ve bought your ticket already! But since there is still enough time in between, new footage would surely act as a drug to boost up the anticipation for the movie. And CBS Sunday Morning provides us a decent dose of that drug!

Holly Hunter, who plays Senator Finch in the March 25 release, attended the latest episode of the show. The new footage offers us an extended look at Superman’s trail scene from Batman V Superman which features Holly’s character. It also features Scoot McNairy’s unspecified character – however, no one other than Senator Finch is the only character who has any dialogue.

New Batman V Superman footage featuring Supermans trail released Holly Hunter has an unusual reason for appearing in Batman V Superman! (Photo Credit - DC Comics Extended Universe)

During the show, the 57-year-old actress revealed that she isn’t actually a fan of superhero movies but definitely knows how immensely popular these movies are. That’s what made her grab the role of the U.S. Senator in Batman v Superman. She explained:

Yeah. I mean, it's wild to be in a movie that possibly a majority of people that I pass per block in New York City will have seen that movie. That's something that never happens to me.

Check out the Batman v Superman footage as well as Holly Hunter’s interview in the video below at the 6:02 mark.

Henry Cavill shares new Batman V Superman photo!

The Superman of DC Extended Universe, Henry Cavill, recently shared a new photo from their upcoming movie via his official Facebook page. The photo features Cavill’s character with some extras in the background. The Son of Krypton is heading into the corridors of Congress - most probably, on his way to the trial. Check out the photo below.

A Batman V Superman shared by Cavill! The Batman v Superman photo shared by Cavill via his Facebook page!

Share your thoughts on the new footage and photo from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and stay tuned for more!