My 10 LEAST Favorite Comic Book Characters

Ah, comic books! The only place where you'll get some of my favorite characters of all time. But, unfortunately, for every Peter Parker, Wally West, Steve Rogers, or Kyle Rayner, you also have quite a few awful, terrible, garbage-soaked characters to even the stacks.

Now, quick aside: There’s a reason I’m not calling these guys the WORST characters. These are just my most-hated ones. You might like one or two of them (God knows why), and that’s totally cool! Good on you! But they make my eyes glaze over and send me scrambling for the next page. These are characters whose appearances in books I’ve NEVER enjoyed. Not even once.


10. Gilgamesh

(The Avengers, Marvel Comics)

I’m a huuuuuuge Avengers fan, and I've spent years trying to buy and read every issue. However, there is one Avenger who makes my eyes glaze over and makes me bored to absolute tears.

And that puppy is Gilgamesh the Forgotten One.

I wrote about Gilgy for my first-ever Daily Superheroes list, and he bores me as much now as he did then. It’s almost impossible to read anything about him without wanting to drown myself in the sink. He’s one of the Eternals, an ancient race of beings who get far more respect than Gilgamesh ever could.

Seriously, it was between Gilgamesh and Doctor Druid for this spot, but at least I can remember facts about Dr. Druid. Gilgamesh is just a boring trash sack. But yeah, that’s Gilgamesh. He exists. And I can’t read too much about him without getting sleepy. So, yeah - yawn - there he is. NEXT!