New Photo Reveals Misty Knight Spoiler!

Misty Knight was a standout character during the first season of Luke Cage. Portrayed by Simone Missick, the character returned in this year’s The Defenders and is scheduled to appear in Luke Cage Season Two. Although fans were initially told that there might be a romance between Knight and the Power Man, the superhero actually wound up with Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple.

Returning to Misty Knight, one of the big questions prior to the release of Luke Cage was whether the show would keep to the comic book source material. We now have an answer to that question, so if you'd like to know more, check it out! But keep in mind that this could be a spoiler, especially for those who haven’t seen The Defenders.

Misty Knight and Jessica Jones in The Defenders (Netflix)

Again, we had one major question about Misty Knight: Would she have a bionic arm in the show, as she did in the comics? The answer: It didn’t happen. However, Misty's arm was chopped off as she tried to save Colleen Wing from Bakuto during The Defenders. As that show concluded, Misty was recovering in a hospital room paid for by Danny Rand.

Obviously, we believed that Danny Rand would have something to do with her eventual upgrade and that Knight would have her bionic arm from the comics during the second season of Iron Fist (Simone Missick was confirmed as a returning character).

But we have our first look at Misty Knight - with her bionic arm - much sooner than expected. The character will have her signature tech upgrade in the second season of Luke Cage! Check it out below!

Misty Knight and Luke Cage (EW)

In the comics, Tony Stark created the bionic arm, which featured all types of weapons and enhanced Misty with super strength. It's our guess that the character won’t have these enhancements when the Luke Cage season begins, but we assume that her strength will increase just a bit more.

Luke Cage’s second season will be released in 2018.