Michael Rooker Denies The Suicide Squad Casting; Benicio Del Toro Rumored To Play Villain!

Michael Rooker is
not in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, but another Guardians of the Galaxy cast member could
be joining the movie to play a villain.

It was recently reported that Rooker - who portrayed Yondu Udonta in the first two Guardians movies - was in talks to play Nanaue, aka King Shark, in Gunn’s upcoming DC project. The potential casting looked convincing as the actor and the director have been frequent collaborators, teaming up for the Guardians franchise as well as movies like Slither and Super.

More recently, however, it has been confirmed by Rooker himself that he is not joining The Suicide Squad to play King Shark. He took it to Instagram to debunk the casting rumor. He posted a screenshot of the report with the caption, “DA...........NOT!!!” You can check out his post below!


While Rooker may not be in the August 6, 2021 release, Benicio del Toro – whom Gunn introduced as The Collector in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – could be joining the project. According to The Geeks WorldWide, he has entered negotiations to play a baddie codenamed The Mayor. The character is being described as an irascible old warrior who lives for war.

There's also a new rumor concerning Idris Elba's role in The Suicide Squad!There's also a new rumor concerning Idris Elba's role in The Suicide Squad! (Photo Credit - Sony)

The GWW has come up another rumor that suggests Gunn is currently looking for a teen actress to play a character codenamed Drew. The character is being described as a teenage thief who has minimal contact with her father, who is in prison. Since Idris Elba’s undisclosed character is also a killer (otherwise he wouldn’t be locked up in Belle Reve), it could be his daughter.

Based on this speculation, the website further theorizes that Elba could be playing any of the characters like Sportsmaster and Deathstroke who have a daughter in the pages of DC Comics. This one seems quite far-fetched, to be honest. Gunn easily could have Elba play a different character like Bronze Tiger, and put him in a story where he has a daughter. Things like this happen all the time in Hollywood’s comic-book adaptations.

Needless to say, we should take these rumors and
speculations with a grain of salt for now. With The Suicide Squad eyeing a
September start for production, we can expect to come across an official
announcement in that month, if not at San Diego Comic-Con in July.

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