Meet Korg in New Thor: Ragnarok Clip

Thor: Ragnarok is among the most important MCU flicks to date. The movie will signal the fall of Earth's Asgardian protectors, open the way for Thanos’ grand entrance, and introduce a number of characters who are new to the solo franchise. Some, including Hulk, have appeared in previous Marvel movies, and others are completely new.

One of the brand new characters, Korg, is a Kronan from the Planet Hulk storyline, which will be partially adapted in Thor: Ragnarok. So far, we've only caught small glimpses of the character in trailers and clips released by the studio.

A Kronan from The Dark World (Marvel)

We now know how Taika Waititi will present Korg, as the latest Thor: Ragnarok clip is all about an interaction that involves him and Thor. And the director's meaning when he said that most of the film’s dialogue was improvised will become obvious when you watch this clip.

Check it out below!

Maybe Chris Hemsworth didn't really need to tell us that they weren’t reciting lines from the script…

Leaving aside the contrast between Korg’s appearance and his voice, maybe the complete scene touches on more than just the loss of Mjolnir. Hemsworth did say that there's some respectable fun to be had in regard to how Thor’s relationship with Jane Foster ended.

Korg (Marvel)

In other Thor-related news, the first critical reaction to the moving was positive without spoiling it. Interestingly, one of the lucky few who saw Thor: Ragnarok mentioned that there are some big surprises that nobody will see coming. And while we know that Sam Neill will cameo, will we see other stars, as well?

So check out this Jimmy Kimmel Live clip:

Sure, everybody knows about this running gag with Matt Damon. But what if there's more to it?

Thor: Ragnarok will be released on November 3.