Kevin Feige and the MCU’s Phase III

To mark the release of the Age of Ultron DVD, Kevin Feige gave an ample interview to MTV in which he talked about the future of the MCU. Among others, he offered a few updates about Captain Marvel (in here), Doctor Strange, MCU and TV Shows connections, as well as others.

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More than 3 flicks per year?

Marvel-ous Marvel-ous

The DCEU is slowly taking shape – and this is just a figure of speech, since the second movie in this new universe will bring together the DC’s Trinity and not only. Furthermore, Warner Bros has already scheduled quite a few movies until 2020, with more yet to be announced (among which the first Batman solo film, as well as the proper Man of Steel sequel).

Fox is also keeping steady with its projects, while also adding some more. Thus, besides the X-Men series and the last Wolverine solo flick, they are adding Gambit and Deadpool into the mix. They also have the Fantastic Four, though we aren’t too sure that they’ll actually release the already announced sequel in 2017.

So what will Kevin Feige do? Will he try to counteract all the movements of the competitors by releasing more than 3 flicks per year? Well, the answer is pretty simple – no. Though Kevin Feige did add that they are seriously considering releasing One Shots once again: “We should do a one shot with Michael Pena. I mean, the universe is big. We’re moving up to three movies a year and I’m not sure how much beyond that we can go so the one shots are great for: oh we have this great idea, wouldn’t it be fun to see…” (via Comic Book Movie)

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MCU and the TV Shows

The Defenders The Defenders

Another question Kevin Feige was asked concerned the MCU and its connection to the already existent TV shows. We do know that some characters from the MCU appeared in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Nick Fury, Lady Sif), while others even made the complete transition from the big screen to the smaller one (Agent Carter). But when will the viewers see the opposite kind of transition?

Kevin Feige said that it will happen pretty soon. It didn’t happen until now simply because the shows are easier and quicker to produce. In this way, in the time in which a major flick is produced and released a show can already shoot 2 of its seasons.

Kevin Feige did say, though, that Netflix has done a great job with Daredevil and he did say that it would be pretty cool if Spider-Man actually went against Kingpin on the big screens – though this scenario hasn’t been brought on the table, yet.

Seeing that Netflix will release other 4 series until the Infinity War ends, we are wondering whether or not (some of) The Defenders will put up a fight against Thanos’ minions. Is this what Kevin Feige suggests when saying that the TV shows will bear an influence on the MCU? We don’t know yet…

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Spider-Man’s role in the MCU

Spider-Man and Iron Man Spider-Man and Iron Man

What better way to introduce Spider-Man than in the last Captain America solo movie. According to Kevin Feige, this trilogy is coming to an end next year – “one of the most unique and different trilogies ever around a single character.” (via Comic Book Movie)

As far as Spider-Man is concerned, Kevin Feige reminded everybody why Captain America: The Winter Soldier was such a great flick – it was because every character felt as if it was important, even if their story-arcs weren’t developed extensively. In the same way, as he suggests, it will happen with the web-crawler. Which once again comes and suggests that Peter Parker won’t have too big a role in next year’s Civil War.

Nonetheless, Kevin Feige did say that he wished for very long to bring this particular character in the MCU. And when they didn’t succeed, they always had contingency plans – as far as we are concerned, these plans worked pretty well, since we didn’t actually miss the presence of Spider-Man.

Nonetheless, the Marvel boss also said that it is very important when and how a character is introduced. But saying that he is very much different from all the Avengers is just a bit too much. Sure enough, all the Avengers had a proper kind of training (even Scarlet Witch, who was a HYDRA agent). And that is because Peter Parker is no longer an ordinary kid – he still has superpowers.

Moving on, Kevin Feige also said, “the most important thing as a standalone is relaunching Spider-Man in his own standalone movie with his own storylines that fits into this universe. That is job number one for us. ... The connectivity is great, but it doesn't drive the train." (via Comic Book Movie) And this is a great thing – though we doubt it will be an actual solo adventure, since Robert Downey Jr. was all but announced to star in 2017’s Spider-Man reboot.

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Kevin Feige puts his hope on the Doctor Strange origin story

Doctor Strange

For long it was rumored that the first Doctor Strange solo flick won’t be an origin story – we can call that rumor debunked right now. Kevin Feige says that people are indeed tired of origin stories – but they are tired of those origin stories they have already seen (such as Spider-Man’s). Nobody has seen until now how Stephen Strange because the Sorcerer Supreme – and that is why his first film will be an origin story.

And Kevin Feige cannot praise enough his becoming, calling it one of the best origin stories in the Marvel comics.

This isn’t all, since he also said that Rachel McAdams' character, “plays a very, very big part in the movie and represents a certain point of view of the worlds that we experience in that movie, but Doctor Strange, without a doubt, is the character we follow through the movie." (via Comic Book Movie)

As far as the Ancient One is concerned, there is no clear answer as to what gender the character will have: "We get an amazing actress to play an amazing character, and do it in a way that's very unique and doesn't fall into any outdated stereotypes that sometimes pop up in the comics from years past. It's funny you ask 'Will Tilda Swinton be playing a woman?' and you ask it because she does an amazing job of being sort of ambiguous in terms of gender. I think you'll see us playing it in ways that she's played other characters that way. Clearly she's a woman, but it is very ambiguous in her portrayal."

Also, by the end of this year, we will know all the actors who will appear in Doctor Strange, as well as in Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. II.