Marvel's Most Underrated Teams

The Marvel Universe has been around one hell of a long time. And through all that time, we’ve had a steady stream of awesome and insane superteams, not all of whom get the credit they deserve. Now this list is just a small selection of these super-cool groups, and one which purposely doesn’t include teams I’ve already talked about in other lists. It’s also not so much a ranked list as an “I like all of these groups a ton so let’s talk about them.” And trust me, this won’t be the last list like this I do so if your favorite got left off, I’m sure it’ll make a later edition.


Honorable Mention 1: The Great Lakes Avengers

For our two honorable mentions, I thought I’d throw in two reader-suggested teams that do in fact deserve placement here. First up, the wonderful GLA.

The Great Lakes Avengers are composed of the best heroes from the Great Lakes area. This includes Mr. Immortal, Doorman, Flatman, Big Bertha, and of course, Squirrel Girl. The only reason I didn’t originally have them on this list is that I honestly never thought they were underrated because I always assumed everyone loved them. But apparently some people don’t. Those people are wrong.

The team eventually got taken to task for using the name Avengers without permission and had to change. They have since been known as the Great Lakes X-Men, Great Lakes Initiative, and Great Lakes Champions. That last one they won in a poker game.

Although honestly, it feels more like that should have been the prize given to the loser.