Marvel’s 2020 Mysterious Projects

To everybody’s surprise, Marvel proved last week that it didn’t announce all of its Phase III movies. Thus, the studio revealed that the Ant-Man and the Wasp sequel will be released on the 6th of July. The surprise, however, came from somewhere else.

Until now, we have believed that the Inhumans will be the last movie of the Phase III of MCU. And it would have been a fitting end, since it meant that the Inhuman Royal Family will make its entrance, with probably the next big threat after Thanos.

So now we know that it won’t be the Inhumans that last project on Marvel’s Phase III slate. The studio surprisingly revealed 3 mysterious projects for 2020, announcement which was made as a Phase III update. And this brings two questions: what movies are these and why didn’t the studio reveal the names, just like it usually does?

Obviously, the fans have already started guessing what kind of treats the studio has prepared. And speaking of surprises, we do remember that Kevin Feige and Mark Ruffalo teased one, as far as the Hulk is concerned. So check out the next page to see what kind of movies we expect to bring Marvel’s Phase III to an end. Check out the next page for more!