Man of Steel 2 – Villains We Want to See

After three years and two other DC movies, Warner Bros. has realized that Man of Steel needs a sequel. Most likely arriving in 2019, the second solo Superman flick of the DCEU is considered a top priority. And that is because the studio wants to get the character right to satisfy all audiences. Seeing that many disagree with Zack Snyder’s vision for the character, maybe it was about time.

Back when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was announced, Henry Cavill said that a sequel to Man of Steel will arrive very late, because of the complexity of the character. In other words, being so powerful and deeply flawed at the same time, it will be difficult for Warner Bros. to come up with a realistic and more powerful villain for Superman after the arrival of Zod.

So what will Warner Bros. do? What villain or villains will Superman have to face? Will it be a threat we all know? Or will it be some outer space threat? Check it out!