Logan: 15 Awesome Easter Eggs and X-Men Universe Connections

The sword on the wall

The Wolverine (Collider)

To say that the X-Men Shared Universe timeline is completely screwed really isn't saying anything – and Logan made it even worse. But, as it turned out, disregarding previous events turned out to be a good choice on the part of James Mangold.

In the comics, one of Wolverine’s defining traits is his connection with Japan – after all, it can be said that his code of honor and conduct have been shaped by his experiences in that country. Although it was a rather unsatisfying attempt, James Mangold finally explored this aspect of Logan’s history in 2013's  The Wolverine.

There's a connection here in Logan, which makes said timeline even weirder (especially since Days of Future Past erased the events of The Wolverine): Logan has a katana on his bedroom wall, which signals that his connection with Japan is still there.

So no matter how Fox decides to mess with the character’s history, Japanese culture will also play a major role in Logan’s history.