Logan: 15 Awesome Easter Eggs and X-Men Universe Connections

In less than three weeks, Hugh Jackman’s Logan has managed to gross $524 million worldwide, almost as much as X-Men: Apocalypse managed in its entire run. So Wolverine’s last big-screen outing has exceeded all expectations, and it isn’t showing too many signs of slowing down at the US box office.

We figure that Wolverine fans in particular, and comic book movie fans in general, have seen the flick by now. But here's a spoiler warning, just in case: This list will touch upon Logan's most exciting Easter Eggs, as well as X-Men comic book movie universe connections. So consider yourself warned!

This being said, we’ll skip the Deadpool teaser seen at the film's beginning, since it isn’t actually part of the movie (even if it can be said that it contains some hints as to who could end up playing Cable).