Justice League: Second Credits Scene Leaked Online!

Initial social media reaction to Justice League described the movie as a fun but flawed ride, but the embargo on full reviews is still in effect. As we approach the release date, additional reactions are sure to make their way online, along with spoilers that have been filtering in.

We already told you about one major spoiler, but would you like to know about the post-credits scenes? If so, here you go!

Where's Batman? (Warner Bros.)

So, one of the Justice League credits scenes will not only bring back Lex Luthor, it will also introduce Deathstroke (Joe Manganiello). But what about the second credits scene?

Surprisingly, that scene has also shown up online. And while it's clear that the Deathstroke/Luthor scene teases the future, this new one is just for fun. Also, some fans feel that it's pretty obvious who must have come up with the idea for it.

The scene would have been much more awesome if, as some had hoped, it revealed a galactic villain, teased Aquaman’s solo adventure, or showed the beginning of the Flashpoint. But how many times have you seen Flash racing against Superman in a live-action movie?

The leaked footage (which, of course, was promptly deleted) brings this iconic comic book moment to life. But it's more than just that. Apparently, Superman knows his place in the League, since he tells the Flash that a loss will mean exiting the team.

The greatest race of all time (Superman Wikia)

This had to be Joss Whedon, right? Remember that producer Charles Roven revealed that Whedon reshot about 15-20 percent of the film.

Justice League will be in theaters on November 17!