September 19, 2017
Is Josh Brolin's New Cable Pic a Stryfe Tease?

Having nabbed a June 1, 2018 release date - which in itself could be a plot hint - Deadpool 2 won’t just be your garden-variety sequel. It will also be the first X-Men film to feature Cable, a mutant long overdue for a big-screen appearance. Thankfully, it appears that Josh Brolin owns the part in official pics of the character.

Most recently, the actor posted a new behind-the-scenes image. At first glance, it might not tell us much; it's just Josh Brolin channeling what anyone would feel after three months of sharing a set with Deadpool.

The hashtags are what's most interesting about the picture. Those last ones ones don’t really stand out, but #cableinsanity could be more of note. Check out the pic below!


Cable Porn #??L2 #cableinsanity #cableswole #cablepowered #cableporn

A post shared by Josh Brolin (@joshbrolin) on Sep 18, 2017 at 8:07am PDT

Brolin's original caption:

Oh my God, wait until you see Deadpool. It's SO funny!!!

Back to that insanity thing, fans are speculating that Josh Brolin might actually have two roles in Deadpool 2.

He's screaming into a broken mirror, so he's basically screaming in his own face!

Brolin plays Cable, son of Cyclops and a Jean Grey clone, and a soldier from the future. Fans are speculating that the second character - the guy in the broken mirror - is Stryfe, who's Cable's complete opposite: a tremendous clone-supervillain who was raised by Apocalypse.

Stryfe (Comic Vine)

Of course, it's all just speculation. But adding Stryfe, a time-traveling supervillain, into the mix could fix some of the inconsistencies in the X-Men universe timeline. In addition, Stryfe would be a more than worthy adversary in the upcoming X-Force film.

What do you think? Is everyone reading too much into this?