Joker – Dark Moments for a Dark DCEU

While fans may have come to terms with the casting of Jared Leto as the new Joker for the upcoming Suicide Squad (and we don’t believe it will be just that), there are still many who believe that the DCEU is too dark. And we’re not talking just about the color schemes. Of course, while this may be blamed on the comparison with the light MCU, these fans may be right – the DC Expanded Universe seems too bleak for it to actually work.

But, while I can agree on that, here is an interesting thing: by being dark, DCEU does have the chance to present events like we didn’t and won’t see in the MCU. And some of these events include the Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime! So what dark moments with the Joker do we want to see? Well, check it out!

Also, to be noted, remember when Joker killed Gambol in Nolan’s The Dark Knight? It didn’t explicitly show it, but we knew it was there. About that type of darkness I am talking about…

Joker beating Jason Todd with a crowbar

Jason Todd's death Jason Todd's Death

This is a bad way to go – and, as the Joker said, it won’t hurt us as much as it hurt Robin (after all, it was the fans who decided that Jason Todd needs to die). So, in A Death in the Family, the sidekick is tricked by the villain and then beaten to a pulp with a crowbar.

As said, a bad way to die – of course, in the comics, there was a witness, none other than Todd’s mother. And this makes it even more twisted than otherwise. How does it all end? With the two left in a warehouse, with a bomb waiting to explode.

Will we see this? It is almost certain – although some details will be changed. For one, it won’t be Jason Todd dying, but it is Dick Grayson. Then, it won’t be a warehouse, but the Arkham Asylum. And the reluctant witness isn’t Jason’s mother, but good doctor Harleen Quinzel. Where do we know that this happens?

Because of this – click the link and see the gifs!