Iron Man 3 Scribe Reveals Emilia Clarke Originally Had A Role!

Daenerys Targaryen
almost met a Stark in Iron Man 3 long before she got to meet any
of the Starks in Game of Thrones.

We learned from Rebecca Hall how her role in Iron Man 3 was reduced substantially during the production, but we had no idea that Emilia Clarke had a role in the movie that she eventually didn’t get to play. On Instagram, Drew Pearce, who penned the script for the third solo outing for Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark, has revealed that the Game of Thrones star was a cast member during the early stages of the movie.

According to the scribe, she even attended at least one table read for the Shane Black flick alongside RDJ and Don Cheadle. But due to changes brought to the script in a latter stage of development, Clarke never showed up in the movie.

The writer didn’t reveal exactly what character Emilia
Clarke was going to play in Iron Man 3. But it doesn’t seem like she was cast
as Maya Hansen. As far as we know, Jessica Chastain was the first choice
for that role. And only after she passed it on due to scheduling conflicts, Rebecca
Hall came on board.

On a second thought, it’s actually possible that Pearce and
Black originally had a much younger version of Maya in mind. That’s why they
brought in Clarke. But after the script went through further rework, her
casting didn’t make sense to them anymore. Thus, they recast her with Chastain,
and eventually with Hall.

These are just speculations about a Marvel Cinematic Universe entry that had a whole lot of
behind-the-scenes drama, probably the most in Marvel Studios’ history. So, there
could be a lot that we don’t know yet. Maybe someday, we will find Clarke
shedding some light on her casting in the project.

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