Inhumans: Iwan Rheon Reveals Maximus’ Powers

Some fans may not be on board with the upcoming Marvel Inhumans TV series, but the it's nevertheless attracting quite a bit of interest. Some of that may be because of the cast, the huge budget, or just about anything related to the adaptation of the comic book characters. In regard to the last point, many can't disagree more with changes made to the Inhumans. For example, Black Bolt's iconic costume is missing, and Medusa’s wig/hair is so different that it's drawn only negative feedback.

During a recent interview with Nerdist, actor Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones) talked about his character, Maximus, and revealed an important twist that could decide the show's fate in the eyes of those who are still undecided. Rather than being the villain depicted in the trailer, Maximus genuinely wants to help his people.

Maximus (CBM)

Maximus starts off, he’s an opinionated, passionate young man who wants to change things, and he wants to do it peacefully. He’s actually genuinely out to help people in a system he believes is wrong and "unjust." What’s great about this show is that it has sort of gray areas in terms of what is a villain and what isn’t. It’s not black and white. It’s a lot of shades to the characters. You could see Black Bolt as cruel because he’s sending all people to live in horrible conditions and mine for resources for them. Is he a villain for doing that?

That's not all. The actor also revealed that this version of the character is a schemer. But here's the big reveal: He's a schemer because he has no special powers! He had strong mental abilities in the comics, but in the TV show, the Terrigenesis ceremony takes away his Inhuman gene!

Black Bolt (CBM)

To sum it all up, Maximus might just be a human being who has to choose between being loyal to his brother and being passionate about bringing his people into the light. We guess we know how this all ends…

Medusa (CBM)