Henry Cavill on Superman’s Black Suit

In sharp contrast to the way they handled the marketing for past DCEU movies, Warner Bros. has managed to keep one major secret in regard to Justice League: Superman's return. No one will be surprised that he's back, or that he'll most likely save the day. But how he'll accomplish those things and how he'll look doing it are completely separate topics.

We have no idea whether he'll be one of the good guys, whether he'll be alive when the movie begins, or whether he’ll be wearing his iconic suit from the comics.



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In the comics, following his apparent death in the battle against Doomsday, Superman wore a black suit designed to absorb as much sun radiation as possible in a brief period of time. Given the extent of Steppenwolf's power, will Superman appear in this suit in the DC Extended Universe, too?

While promoting the movie, Henry Cavill said that Justice League would take on some serious issues, but with moments of humor peppered throughout. His most interesting remarks came when he was asked about a pic he posted on Instagram some time ago that appeared to feature the black Superman suit. He didn't provide a definitive answer, but his reaction gave away quite a bit.

In regard to Clark Kent’s return, Cavill cited the Rebirth comics, which featured a pre-Flashpoint version of Superman/Clark Kent. So this is yet another nod at events to come.

How else can we interpret Cavill’s words, when the actor adds that the movie may play with who and what Clark Kent is?

Superman (Warner Bros.)

Check out the full interview below:


Justice League will be released on November 17.