December 10, 2014
Guardians Of The Galaxy 2: New Details!

Before Guardians of The Galaxy went on to become the biggest superhero blockbuster with a massive worldwide collection of 771.8 million USD, co-screenwriter Nicole Perlman had already confirmed that the Marvel movie was going to have a sequel and it will have James Gunn reprising his role as the ‘guardian’ of the superhero movie. To add more to the excitement of fans, Marvel, on 28 October, 2014, declared Guardians of The Galaxy 2 to have been scheduled for a 5 May, 2017 release. If you’ve been wondering how the follow up is going to be, here’s something the director shared while talking to ‘Comic Book Resources’ that might help you on your way of imagination!

Guardians Characters To Be At Their Worst!

Meet The FilmMakers: "Guardians Of The Galaxy"

“You can’t just repeat what you did before!” This little fraction from Gunn’s interview statements might be enough to take your thoughts on Guardian of The Galaxy 2 to a different level! If you’ve predicted a good bit of consistency in the characters, you’ve got it all wrong! According to the director, it’s not taking your characters forward; rather you are moving backward with them. He stated that the characters will be undergoing change constantly. The sequel will present some characters at their very worst; something that you could not predict. There might be some that emerge as better than what you’ve thought of them.

Groot Might No Longer Be Fan’s Favorite!

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While Vin Diesel’s Groot proved to be the most loved character in Marvel’s 1 August, 2014 release, the director claimed that no one, including him, could even predict that would happen. Gunn leaves a hint that Groot might not remain as lovable in Guardian of The Galaxy 2 as in its forerunner by saying “I’m not sure the characters who were the favorites from the last movie are going to be the favorites in the next movie”. He admits that he must be listening to the fans, but also focuses on keeping himself open to discover from the unexplored heaps.

What do you think guys? Is the guardian of the Guardians heading the right way? Or is he becoming too much experimental? Let us know by leaving your valuable comments.