Greatest Comic Book Movies


9. Suicide Squad

This insta-classic from 2016 literally has everything you could ask for in a comic book film.

From the totally non-offensive depictions of women, to the completely flawless editing, to the performances - my God, the performances! When Leto comes onscreen as The Joker, you actually feel as if the Clown Prince of Crime is torturing you to death. What an experience.

Will Smith plays Deadshot with a dead-eyed boredom I haven’t seen from him since After Earth. Jai Courtney also appeared in the movie, but that’s not to discount the film's breakout star, Slipknot. Oh, man, I sure shed one hell of a tear during this fan-favorite's heroic sacrifice.

To me, the most important aspect was the film's beautiful aesthetic. I felt like I'd been transported from my movie theater seat to the inside of the Hot Topic in the mall next door. It was a whole 80 feet! Simply transcendent.

And the movies only get better from here.