Former Batman Stars Gave Ben Affleck Valuable Advice!

March 25, 2016 marks the debut of live-action cinema's brand new BatmanBen Affleck. A number of actors have played the Caped Crusader on the big screen over the years – did any of those actors have advice for Ben before he donned the cape and cowl? Yes, they did!

During his recent appearance on Good Morning America, accompanied by his Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice co-star Henry Cavill, Affleck revealed that he’s chatted with former Batman actors George Clooney (Batman & Robin) and Christian Bale (Dark Knight Trilogy). While he cannot reveal what Joel Schumacher’s Dark Knight said to him, Christopher Nolan’s Bat of Gotham definitely had vital advice to impart! Here’s what Affleck said (via Entertainment Weekly):

I talked to Clooney, and he gave me some advice which is not repeatable. And I talked to Christian, who just told me to make sure I got a zipper in the suit, which was valuable, practical advice, as it turned out.

Affleck had to put on 20 pounds of muscle for Batman!

Batman's physique Ben Affleck had to put on 20 pounds of muscle for Batman! (Photo Credit - Warner Bros Youtube)

In the interview, Ben Affleck shared that after he watched Cavill in Man of Steel, he wondered whether he would be able compete physique-wise. He admired his British co-star for setting "a high bar", but claimed that Cavill needed to do it because he was playing “an alien”! The 43-year-old actor added:

I figured I had a lower bar to reach because I’m just a man after all, but I ended up putting on about 20 pounds of muscle, which is really hard to do in my advanced age.

Well, from what we’ve seen so far, Ben Affleck does indeed look like Batman and not FATMAN!

Affleck really cares about Batman v Superman!

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne Ben Affleck really cares about the movie! (Photo Credit - Batman v Superman Facebook)

In the interview, Affleck also talked about the pressure of fan expectations on the upcoming Zack Snyder flick. He stated:

I really care about and I want it to do well. I feel like I got to work with some really talented people and I’m really proud of what we were able to do.

Well, we all want Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice to meet fan expectations and do really well, don’t we? Share your thoughts via comments!

Featured Image Credit - Ben Affleck Facebook