December 07, 2016
First Spider-Man: Homecoming Footage Launched; Trailer to Arrive Tomorrow!

Last month, we came across a report suggesting that the first official trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming would debut on December 16 with the theatrical cut of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Later, it was revealed that the trailer would be shown at Brazil’s CCXP 2016, which made us speculate about seeing it sooner than expected. And yes, we now have the confirmation that it is indeed coming very soon!

Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have released a brief sneak peek for Spider-Man: Homecoming that not only features the first footage from the movie, but also announces that the full-length trailer is coming tomorrow. It will be launched during tomorrow night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The 17-second Spider-Man: Homecoming teaser opens with Jon Favreau’s Happy Hogan standing in a room with an irritated look on his face. He asks, “What the hell was that? What the hell are you wearing?” When Tom Holland’s titular character responds that he is wearing his suit, Happy asks where “the case” is. Just as Favreau suggested in a recent interview, Happy seems to be really “looking after” Peter Parker in the Jon Watts flick.

Then the camera rolls to the next room, where we find the aforementioned case and a brief note from Robert Downey, Jr.’s Tony Stark that reads, “A minor upgrade”.  Those who have read the spoilery description of CCXP footage must have already understood which upgrade it is referring to...the WEB WINGS! We get our first look at them right away, when Spidey leaps off the top of a building and spreads his arms wide open. Check out the Spider-Man: Homecoming teaser below!

The first Spider-Man: Homecoming footage, Spidey’s upgraded suit, and tomorrow's arrival of the first official trailer: Share your thoughts via comments!