Fantastic Four – Trailer Review


So, finally, Fox decided to release the trailer for Fantastic Four – it was about time, given the fact that the movie is set to be released in about 4 months or so.

We can remind you at this moment that the teaser was met with disappointment by most of the fans, because it didn’t tease the powers more, because it didn’t show the villain, because there were no suits, and so on. Where does Fantastic Four stand now? Did it repent and win back the fans of the comic books?

The plot of Fantastic Four

They seem to be some future bad guys... They seem to be some future bad guys...

Quite frankly, it is quite a sight to see the Fantastic Four back into fantastic action (although we don’t really know how fantastic that action really is). But besides the display of the awesome superpowers we would have expected for something more, something which will clear for us what the plot of the reboot might be.

Sure enough, we know (now) that Doom is indeed the villain with which the Fantastic Four will start. But now we have even more questions than before – like, why do they need to save the world? And what project lasted for 6 years? Why did they need to cross dimensions from the first place? These three questions, and the lack of any hint of answer, make us believe that the plot will be a shoo-in at best.

The setting

The Negative Zone, in which most of the fans are trapped. Also called the Negativity Zone The Negative Zone, in which most of the fans are trapped. Also called the Negativity Zone

We do see however the characters developing under our own eyes, with the members of the Future Fantastic Four meeting for the first time. And we do get a sense that Sue and Reed will be involved, maybe in later movies, in some sort of relationship, with Ben being brought in the team only as a friend of Reed.

Victor Domashev is also being developed, or at least more than the previous version, from the first Fantastic Four films.

The funniness

Common, that was pretty funny... Common, that was pretty funny...

There are quite a few examples of funny moments in this first full trailer for Fantastic Four, with Johnny Storm shaping up just like in the comics: right, funny. And all that because of Michael B. Jordan’s timing.

But there is also a sense of tragedy – this Ben Grimm is quite a physical character even before his change into the Thing. And that is a good addition – he isn’t a scientist (or, at least, he isn’t presented as such in this trailer), so the fact that he is an outsider (so to speak) even before his full and irreversible transformation makes the character even more round than we have thought.