Fantastic Four Trailer & Reshoots Updates!

UPDATE: According to 'Bleeding Cool', Fox PR has confirmed them that the first teaser trailer of Fantastic Four will be released on 29 January, 2015 in majority of the theaters of UK where Kingsman: The Secret Service releases on that day. So, we might get the trailer online even before this month ends! Fox PR has also confirmed that the movie will have 3-4 days of additional photography.

Due to lack of any noises from Fox studio, comic book fans might remember that they have two movies of their favorite genre to watch this year and both from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man! Fox do have a venture this year scheduled for a 7 August, 2015 release and that’s not even a minute venture as it’s about the popular team of superheroes, the Fantastic Four!

In spite of being such a strong franchise, the reboot version hasn’t had an official trailer yet or any major promotions, while a Warner Bros movie like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice which is scheduled hit the theaters more than seven month after The Fantastic Four has had more noises! Finally, there are a couple of confirmations on how the movie is actually heading!

Fantastic Four Official Trailer On 13 February!


In a recent interview with ‘Latino-Review’, screenwriter and producer of the Fox venture, Simon Kinberg, revealed that first official teaser trailer is arriving on 13 February. According to Kinberg, the trailer of Fantastic Four will be attached to another Fox venture Kingsman: The Secret Service which hits the theatres on that day.

Kinberg Confirms Fantastic Four Needs Reshoot!


The writer and producer also confirmed in the interview that the Josh Trank venture will need days of reshoots in presence of the director and some key cast members. Kinberg termed the duration of reshoots to be no longer than 3-4 days. However, a report by Bleeding Cool report suggests that the reshoots that will be held in Louisiana would take no less than a month!

Reaching A Satisfactory Level Or Excellent?


These days, reshoots don’t mean that the movie has been a trash and the studio wants to make it watchable, rather it’s an attempt to bring out the best from a movie which has been good already! As we had heard a lot of stuff about Josh Trank damaging the sets of Fantastic Four and also the fact that Fox has been silent about the movie, the confirmation of reshoots is something that might worry fans.

A number of reports have claimed that the reshoots are due what we heard from the Tiger Droppings thread. According to a ‘Uproxx Movies’ report, a senior executive at Fox commented that the movie is nothing more than ‘a mess’! However, X-Men: First Class and Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn claimed that he’d watched the movie and appreciated Josh Trank’s work.

So what do you guys think? Is the reshoots planned for yielding a watchable movie out of the mess? Or to offer a touch of brilliance? Do share your views, guys!