December 14, 2014
Dwayne Teases Black Adam Role!

It was in 2007, when Dwayne The Rock Johnson started speculating about his role in Shazam, although, he didn’t even know either it was the superhero or the super villain that he would play. Later, there were dark clouds over the possibility of the movie to happen. But in the latter half of this year, Warner Bros have confirmed Shazam as one of their upcoming DC universe ventures and FINALLY THE ROCK has been signed for the role of the villainous Black Adam in the movie! Despite the fact that the movie is scheduled to release more than four years later, Dwayne’s excitement hasn’t dimmed for sure as he teases the role in his recent Tweet!

How Is Black Adam In The Comic World?

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In the comic world, Black Adam is the arch-rival of the superhero Shazam. During his introduction in 1945, the antagonist character was a corrupted, ancient Egyptian antecedent of the superhero, who chased his way down to modern times to challenge Shazam. Later, Black Adam turned out to be a sullied anti-hero out to clear his name. The New 52 has made further modification on him, presenting him with a unique level of prominence in the entire DC Comic Universe.

How Is Dwayne’s Black Adam Going To Be?

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According to Dwayne Johnson’s latest notes in the social networking site Twitter, his Black Adam is going to be more of a modern and complex version. The wrestler-turned-actor coins the word ‘anti-hero’ to describe the role of Black Adam. He expects to ensure balance between ruthlessness and charm in the character. Dwayne’s Black Adam, according to the hints in his words, is not going to be a typical super villain, instead, there will be some magnetism that attracts the audience and makes the character a compelling and complicated one.

If you smell, what The Rock is cooking?! So, share your views, guys, on how Dwayne’s Black Adam smells to you!!!