Dream Team: The Justice League of Wonder Women

Well, folks, you should have known this was coming. Welcome back to Dream Team, my semi-regular column in which I assemble a perfect superteam with one specific criteria. The last two were a Justice League of alternate-Earth Batmen and a Justice League of alternate-Earth Supermen. Now, to complete the trilogy, here’s the third league to patrol the multiverse: The Justice League of Wonder Women.

Source: comicsalive.blogspot.com

10. Wonder Man (Earth 11)

Team Role: The Brawler

Dane of Elysium is the gender-swapped version of Wonder Woman from Earth 11.

He is a ranty, angry psycho who goes by the name Wonder Man. After Maxine Lord controlled Superwoman into a rampage, Dane killed Maxine to save the day…and was promptly banished from Elysium for his trouble. Dane took this well. By that I mean he took his Amazons, attacked America, and fought the Justice League.

Good plan, Dane.

Team Role: The Brawler.

While he’s not any stronger than his female counterparts (and is, in fact, a mite weaker) he is one thing: way dumber. Dane fights like a barroom brawler with reckless abandon. He’s vicious and scrappy and mad all the time. Dude’s like if toxic masculinity was a person. He’s just all fists and drinking and anger. So putting him on the team in a role where he doesn’t have to do any thinking is for the best