Doomsday No Longer A Rumor: Confirmed For BVS

Doomsday, one of the most versatile characters to threaten the DC Universe, has long been rumored to appear in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Its presence is expected to distort the dynamics of the plot significantly. It was, after all, the one who killed Superman once.

Could another hammer blow of this kind do any good to the franchise? And could the blue A-lister return, again, with twofold glory and surprise? The precedent surely mitigates the possible effect of such a feeble scenario. If this is, in fact, the case. Which no one knows, since Snyder and David S. Goyer aired nothing out about its key role. Apparently, a world of surprises in process for the big screen in 2016.

Doomsday is key to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Destruction of Superman is the distinct feat of Doomsday. Are we right to assume each of its appearances innately leads to such a development? If not, how else can its role be essential to the plot? Can we, on the contrary, speculate it will be the typical enemy figure that brings the three lead characters together?

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are bound to unite. And Doomsday is confirmed for the next spinoff. Any commonsensical fan who tries to connect the dots can only conclude as above. All in all, the latest news from Snyder and Goyer benefit the fans with a crucial piece of the puzzle that will unravel no sooner than 2016.

What about The Joker’s appearance?

The Joker too has an intriguing role in Batman V Superman. His insinuating presence doesn’t result in an actual appearance. Well, he is there, in the universe, even presumably played by Jared Leto, but “we don't see him in this movie, though”, as Badass Digest reports. The plate is full anyway, crammed with supervillans and superheroes.

Clearly, according to the latest news, Doomsdays is in, The Joker is out. Sort of. It’s up to each fan’s sentiment and take on the DC Universe to speculate at will until further details air out.