Doctor Who’s Matt Smith Wants to Join the MCU

Matt Smith was the eleventh Doctor in the British science-fiction TV show Doctor Who. He followed that with a couple of big-screen films, including Terminator Genisys and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and then returned to television. He was also cast as Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh in The Crown.

At Toronto's recent Fan Expo Canada, the actor expressed an interest in joining today's most successful shared universe, the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

I’d love to. They’ve got ask me though, the swines. But it would have to be the right project (via Comic Book Resources).

Doctor Who (Screen Rant)

Matt Smith wouldn't be the only actor to appear in Doctor Who and move on to the MCU. Karen Gillan, who plays Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy, previously portrayed Amy Pond, companion of Smith's Doctor in Doctor Who.

Christopher Eccleston, who basically revived Doctor Who, also appeared as main antagonist Malekith the Accursed in Thor: The Dark World. That may not have been the best Marvel flick ever, but still...

Yet another Doctor Who actor appeared in the MCU's darker Netflix corner. David Tennant portrayed Kilgrave in the first season of Jessica Jones. Many regard Kilgrave as the best villain in the entire shared universe.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan (Coup de Main Magazine)

Smith went on to say that he wouldn’t want to appear in just any sort of role:

It would have to be something that felt different enough to Doctor Who. I love so many of those movies, and I love Nebula, because Karen’s blue. With no hair. Anyway, I’d love to…If you’re listening, Marvel.

In addition to The Crown, Smith has roles in 2017’s Patient Zero and in 2018's Mapplethorpe.