Doctor Strange screenwriter: There’s no end to the ways in which you can transform reality for the viewer

We've  been waiting and waiting for Doctor Strange, and the movie's finally here. Some of us haven't managed to see it yet, and we're excited as we look forward to going to the theater. Meanwhile, we get to read more about the movie, as described by those who created it. Today, we are summarizing an interview from Jon Spaihts, Doctor Strange's screenwriter.

It's funny how the guy got the job; he just went for it, as he reveals:

I was sitting in a diner, reading Variety, when I saw a little note that they were looking for directors for Doctor Strange. I called my agent in the middle of a bite, and asked him if there was a script yet. When there wasn’t, I said, “You’ve gotta call them right now and tell them I need to get in the room. Tell them I’ve gotta talk to them.” I ended up badgering my way into the room before they’d even begun talking to writers, so I was there a little earlier than they were planning. 

Spaihts says that he's been a fan of comic books ever since he was a child, and that led to his determination and enthusiasm about working on a Marvel movie, especially Doctor Strange. The writer reveals how they started to create the story and kept it close to the character's origin story.

We opened ourselves to contemplating different beginnings. We thought about finding the character in mid-stride, fully formed, and picking up his backstory on the fly. But in the end, the origin story of this character, as depicted in the comics, is so operatic and beautiful, and so tragic and epic in its sweep, that it was unavoidable. We had to tell that story, and tell our best version of it.

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He also revealed why Doctor Strange is a game changer:

What Doctor Strange does, again and again and again, is turn the world inside out, in a different way. That’s the thing that I love. It’s the infinite possibility of this sorcerer, in this multi-verse. It means there’s no end to the ways in which you can transform reality for the viewer, and that’s a thrilling possibility.

Have you seen Doctor Strange? If so, what do you think about Spaihts' perspective and depiction of the movie? Is it a game changer?

Source: Collider