Did/Should Ben Affleck Commit to a Batman Trilogy?

After the disappointing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, rumors started flying about the possibility that Ben Affleck wanted to leave the DCEU. Those rumors intensified during this year’s San Diego Comic Con, and were reinforced by director Matt Reeves, who began to work on the reboot of The Batman from scratch, saying that he had a trilogy in mind.

Of course, Ben Affleck said on the Hall H stage that he loved the character and would remain as The Batman for as long as the studio wanted him to. This could have simply been an actor doing his part while promoting a movie, but it did put smiles on our faces. After all, Ben Affleck’s Batman/Bruce Wayne was the best thing about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The Batman (Collider)

A couple of days ago, it appeared that those pesky rumors had been put to rest once and for all. Fortress of Solitude reported that Ben Affleck signed on for a trilogy of Batman films, with the last movie leading into a Batman Beyond film series.

The website didn’t mention its sources, but other websites picked up the rumor. That is, until Batman News and Umberto Gonzales both debunked the report.



With Flashpoint coming our way and Ben Affleck nearing age 45, it makes sense that the report was indeed false. But we can't say that we weren’t excited about it for a couple of hours.

Batman Beyond (DC Comics) Batman Beyond (DC Comics)

What do you think? Should Matt Reeves start completely from scratch and recast Batman/ Bruce Wayne? Or should Ben Affleck sign on for a trilogy of solo DC Extended Universe movies?