Daredevil Season 2 – New Image Teases Gladiator!

The inaugural season of Marvel’s Daredevil featured Matt Gerald as Melvin Potter – a costume designer who made protective suits for Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk and eventually made the iconic red Daredevil costume. He appeared in four episodes of the season but we didn’t get to see his villainous alter-ego from the comic books – the Gladiator.

But it seems like we’ll get to see the Gladiator in the upcoming season of the Netflix series! The official Twitter account of Marvel’s Daredevil has posted an image that apparently seems to tease the supervillain. The text accompanied with the image - “I gotta be good. So, I make things. I’m good at making things.” Here’s the tweet for you:

If you are familiar with Daredevil Comics, you are likely to get the vibe from those words in the caption that they come from the Gladiator. Apart from that, the blade in the image with the letters ‘MP’ can surely tease nothing else since a key feature of the Gladiator’s suit is metal blades and his name is Melvin Potter!

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