Batman: The Brave and the Bold Episode Guide Episodes 21-30

And we're back with another load of Brave and the Bold episodes. I love this show top to bottom, but this is a much more mixed bag than the last two, so strap in!


21. Duel of the Double Crossers!

Guest Stars - Teaser: The Outsiders (Black Lightning, Metamorpho, Katana), Episode: Jonah Hex

Man, I really wish I liked this episode more than I do, because I don’t like it very much.

The focus is on Jonah Hex, who is forced to work as a galactic bounty hunter for Mongul, recruiting aliens for Warworld gladiator matches. He grabs Batman last, hoping that the Bat can help free him. The duo team up, and while Bats grapples his way through match after match, Hex works on the inside to free the competitors and pit Mongul against his sister Mongal and her Female Furies. This episode does get points for the flirtation between Lashina and Jonah Hex, which is cute and fun. But honestly, I would’ve loved more of an Old West Hex episode, rather than the sci-fi blend we wound up getting. Mongal’s pretty fun, though, I guess. So is Steppenwolf.

Verdict: Okay.