Batman: Brave and the Bold Episode Guide Episodes 11-20

Hey there, folks! I’m back with another edition of my in-depth guide to the most underrated DC animated series. Last time, we saw the series’ humble beginnings and slow rise to stardom. But now we’re looking at the next ten episodes! And within these we have some of the series’ best episodes, with some of the weirdest guest stars and some of the most fun comic booky premises. And a two-parter!! Here’s where Brave and the Bold found its identity, for real. And it is spectacular.


11. Return of the Fearsome Fangs!

Guest stars - Teaser: Jonah Hex, Episode: Bronze Tiger

And we return with a charming little genre episode that finally gives us some mystical Batman action.

In the ep, a martial arts master who trained a young Bruce Wayne is under attack by three of his former pupils. In order to stop them from acquiring an artifact of ultimate power, Batman teams up with the master’s last remaining apprentice, the Bronze Tiger. Bronze Tiger is fun, but he won’t be recognizable to those who know him from Suicide Squad (although the costume is dead on).

Villains for this one are the martial arts trio of Fox, Vulture, and Shark. They’re fun to watch, and seeing people who can take Batman on in hand-to-hand combat is a new thing for the show. Also, the teaser gives us some cool Old West action with Jonah Hex and an old timey version of the Royal Flush Gang. Batman wears a poncho and a sombrero. This is perfection.

Verdict: Good.