Batman: Brave and the Bold Episode Guide: 1-10

2. "Terror on Dinosaur Island"

Guest Stars - Teaser: Plastic Man and Fire, Episode: Plastic Man

I was actually not super looking forward to this one ahead of time. Plastic Man is my least favorite of the regular guest stars on BatB, and this is definitively his episode. But hey, he’s voiced by Tom Kenny, and that is the opposite of bad.

Watching it again made me like it more, though. It still isn’t true Brave and the Bold - more standard superhero fare, but it’s GOOD standard superhero fare. Gorilla Grodd is a solid villain, and the use of Dinosaur Island gives it points. Plus, Kite Man cameo. That’s pretty friggin’ sweet.

The plot follows Plas and Bats as they try to stop Grodd from turning millions of people into apes, while Plastic Man struggles with avoiding his baser criminal impulses. Again, it’s good, but it isn’t exciting. If I were just showing someone the series without doing this episode guide, I’d probably not have this be the second episode I showed them. There are much better episodes to come.

Verdict: Decent.