Batman: Brave and the Bold Episode Guide: 1-10

Hey, howdy ho, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve always loved superhero cartoons. Growing up on Superfriends, Spider-Man, X-Men, and Batman: the Animated Series, I have a huge attachment to these shows, and always have fond memories of them. One of my favorite things has been to find really fun, well-written episode guides for these shows that go over the course of the series. But one of my favorite shows, the criminally underrated Brave and the Bold, has never really gotten a great one of those. So I figured I’d do it. Ten episodes at a time, we’re gonna break down one of the most fun shows ever produced by DC animation. Get ready to taste the hammers of justice!


1. "Rise of the Blue Beetle"

Guest stars - Teaser: Green Arrow, Episode:  Blue Beetle

So, first episode out of the gate is good, if not as incredible as the series would later become.

This one introduces us to the premise of the show, with Batman teaming up with various other DC heroes to fight ridiculous villains. Our teaser features Batman and Green Arrow fighting the Clock King. And let me just say that picking Clock King as your first villain is a brilliant tone setter for the show. It celebrates all the cheese in the DCU with aplomb. I love it.

The majority of the episode is about Blue Beetle coming into his own as a hero under Batman’s guidance. We immediately get a sense of this Batman and his “so-not-dealing-with-this” attitude, which is instantly endearing. Beetle is fun and establishes Bats as a mentor figure, which is a smart move. Plus, the aliens Batman and Beetle save from Kanjar Ro are awesome and adorable. Plus, they get horribly brutalized, and I find that funny because I’m a monster.

Verdict: Good!